Our Team

Craig Turner – Co-Owner / Facilities Host

Craig is based in the South East UK and, has been interested in computers and technology for nearly his whole life. His other interests include modifed cars.

Craig provides (at a fairly large cost to himself) the servers that host the site/dns/email and chat servers. He is also an Administrator and Owner of the ChatNSN Chat Server.

Zac Drayson – Admin of Web Services

Zac is based in Sydney, Australia and has been into web design, mIRC coding and much more for over a decade. Zac enjoys spending time alone listening to music, playing computer games, going for walks along the beach and spending time with friends (whether that be online or face to face).

Zac is the Admin of Web Services for ChatNSN. This includes a variety of responsibilities and jobs, too many to mention actually. Zac has just completed (April 2017) the redesign of the ChatNSN website.

Jessica Cappella – Server Administrator

Jessica is based in Pennsylvania, and is interested in minecraft, trackmania, and irc.
Jessica is a server administrator and former server host for the network.